Saturday, July 5, 2008

Movie Meme Because I'm Lazy

This meme was taken from My Head is a Box Filled with Nothing. Because she said we could take it. And because it's easier for me today than coming up with something else to post.

1. One that made you laugh: ELECTION - There are LOTS that make me laugh, but I tried to pick one you may have missed. If you need help finding it, it stars Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick.
2. One that made you cry: THE COLOR PURPLE - The scene where the two sisters are being separated just kills me every time.
3. One movie you loved when you were a child: THE GOONIES - Still can’t believe my Mom allowed me to see this so many times in the movie theater. As my friend Julia once said, “Goonies rocked my adolescent world.”
4. One you’ve seen more than once: I’ve already talked about my small love affair with TOP GUN, so I’ll say... THE GREAT ESCAPE. I can’t explain this one, but I watch it every time it comes on TV. Hey! Why don’t I own it yet? I love the whole escape process and how it comes together and there’s a lovely poster of Steve McQueen on a motorcycle in my stairwell.
5. One you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it: Probably two of the worst movies that my brother and I can still quote are MIDNIGHT MADNESS and BACK TO THE BEACH. Never heard of them? That’s OK; they’re not really high on anyone’s list of quality cinema. If ‘Fagabefe’ means anything to you, join my lame movie club.
6. One you hated: OK, there’s been many, but I particularly remember hating ERAGON since I loved reading the books. They tried to cram too much into too little space and I was disgusted with the whole thing.
7. One that scared you: THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT - I don’t watch many movies from the “scary” genre. I think I was scarred for life after reading ‘Helter Skelter’ which forced me to sleep with my sister for MONTHS. BWP definitely freaked me out and at the end scene with the handprints on the wall - I had to turn it off. *shudder*
8. One that bored you: BATTLEFIELD EARTH – I didn’t even finish watching this.
9. One that made you happy: STRICTLY BALLROOM - Babycakes and I love the end scene so much where everyone is on the floor dancing to “Love is in the Air” that we totally duplicated it at our wedding reception. *sigh*
10. One that made you miserable: LEGENDS OF THE FALL - But it’s OK to be sad and miserable while you’re looking at Brad Pitt.
11. One movie you weren’t brave enough to see: BOYS DON’T CRY – I don’t think I could handle this one.
12. One movie character you’ve fallen in love with: V from V FOR VENDETTA. Love the whole character and there is just something about Hugo Weaving’s voice that just melts me.
13. The last movie you saw: At a theater – 300. At home – OCEAN’S THIRTEEN.
14. The next movie you hope to see: I may suck it up despite my hatred for movie theaters and see THE DARK KNIGHT.
Feel free to do the meme if you so choose!


Memarie Lane said...

Legends of the Fall made me miserable too. Because it was so supremely bad. That movie made me HATE Brad Pitt. :P

Alice Wills Gold said...

We bought Goonies for our young daughters to watch...we both loved it growing forget about those crude parts (mainly the statue - you know what i mean)

Loves this meme. (And i just realized that a meme is a me me...never understood the name before - I'm such a dork)

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

This is a great idea for a Meme. (I'll save it!) BTW, I answered your question in my comment section; I was going to send an email, but I don't see your address here. One thing I forgot to say is that yes, it's worth it. I think I paid like $14.00 for the year, and the process of getting blogspot to route to the new name was almost painless (GoDaddy's Customer Service was GREAT to work with). I didn't have to even notify anyone to change their Readers; it's been seamless.

Meg said...

The first time I saw my husband cry was during "Legends of the Fall." It was the scene of the baby being born. I didn't quite get it.

I would agree, though, that Brad made it worth watching. But my favorite Brad Pitt movie, in fact one of my all-time favorites is "Fight Club". I also love Babel. Both films show that Brad is more than a pretty chest.

gizmorox said...

Boys Don't Cry is really hard to watch. And Blair Witch scared me too!

Bee said...

Some great movies there.

After I saw Blair Witch, at midnight of course!, I hated going through the forest preserves to get home!

Kelly said...

Lily LOVES Goonies..shes seen it a few times..V for Vendetta is complete awesomeness..I totally agree with you on that one..and ofcourse Blair Witch..I don't even want to talk about that...*shudder*
Boys Don't Cry is good, but yes indeedy very hard to watch..I think I puked after watching that flick..

Amy said...

New kid here. Thanks for defining what a meme is, now I get it. I think the scariest movie I saw was The Shining...I slept with the light on for a month.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

I fell in love with Brad Pitt when I watched Legends of the Fall. While in the movie theater with my parents watching it. When I was 9.

Janet said...

i want to see The Dark Knight, too, but oh how sad.

Alice said...

Marie - It's not my favorite movie in the world, but I didn't find it so bad. Sorry.

Alice - We don't own it, but I should get it for the kids now that they're a bit older.

Ms.4444 - Thanks for the info! Can't wait to get my new stuff up (althoug it looks like it's going to take me awhile.)

Meg - LOVE Fight Club! It was one of those experiences where I had the house to myself and didn't know anything about the movie and it didn't disappoint.

Gizmo - Thanks for the meme and I have a tough time with violence if I know it's based on something factual. Gladiator - didn't bother me at all.

Bee - I'd be wigged out too. I almost died walking in to the dark parking lot after Silence of the Lambs.

Kelly - You've made me extra glad I didn't see Boys Don't Cry now.

Amy - Stephen King's books definitely used to creep me out, but for some reason I don't remember being too scared after seeing 'The Shining'. Hmmmm...

BMP - Wow! I'm trying to think who I was crushing on at 9 and I think it was Han Solo.

Janet - Sad? Because of Heath Ledger?

jennie said...

Strictly Ballroom - now there's an underloved movie. I haven't seen that in ages, but I listen to the soundtrack more frequently than I'd care to admit. I LOVE it.

Cassie said...

I am most likely going to be stealing this from you in the near future :) And I love that you loved the Goonies. I found my husband hadn't seen it and we made him watch it because he didn't get it when we would scream out "HEY YOU GUUUUYYYYS!" lol

gadragonfly said...

I guess we are the only family who watched Midnight Madness & Back to the Beach. & I own both of them, unless brother stole them again. :) Now I'm jonesing to watch Midnight Madness. I know what I'll be doing tonight.
When you were in Kenya I watched the Color Purple & bawled my eyes out at the same scene & it was Christmas without you. Why do I do things like that to myself. Love you sissy!

Manager Mom said...

My ultimate movie ever is The Matrix. Keanu Reeves + leather * science fiction = spontaneous orgasms.

Mary Witzl said...

I LOVED Goonies! And my kids would agree with you about Eragon.

Up until recently, I thought that Brad Pitt was not much of an actor. Then I saw him in a movie where he played a boy who has thrown in his lot with the IRA. He was so good in that and his Irish accent was so credible, that I totally revised my opinion. (I'm sure he'd be thrilled to know that.)

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