Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ms. Miyagi say ' Chopsticks are for Suckahs! '

I can't figure out if we're housing the slowest and/or dumbest fly colony, or if this whole fly-catching thing is just what GirlChild's talent is.

For those not in the loop, check out the manifestation of GirlChild's Fly Powers in this post.

She caught three more yesterday.

And when she releases it - IT JUST WALKS AROUND ON HER HAND!

What the HELL?

Was it because I watched 'Rosemary's Baby' while pregnant?

Blue Man Group in Vegas at 5 months gestation?

And she snagged two today.

I mean, seriously, look at this this! My fly-girl's got another one walking the end of her finger!

Nana, fire up the sewing maching. We're gonna need a spandex body suit w/ cape STAT!

So y'all can just take down those pics of your baton-twirling, pink-wearing, tap-dancing daughters and hide them away, because there's a new girl in town.

She who controls the flies, controls the universe. Muahahaha...

And even better, I'm the controller of she who controls the universe - BRILLIANT!


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Angela said...

I'd be kind of grossed out, actually. I heard flies regurgitate and/or poop every time they land on something....

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's better than one of the adhesive hangy things that catches them. I'm applauding her talent!

Alice said...

Angela - I don't doubt that to be true, but in the overall sanitary-ness of my house, the flies are probably the least of my worries.

Suze - Not a talent...a SUPER POWER!

MadMad said...

Oh, man! I forgot everything I was going to say after reading angela's comment... Yikes! Who knew there were toddler flies?

Danielle said...

Holy crap!

Maybe you should start hiring her out. I'd have her over....

That is really, freakishly amazing. Or disturbing. I can't figure out which...


She's lucky she's super cute otherwise she may have trouble getting dates later.

Anonymous said...

Okay, eerie similarity to Larry--on his mountaintop, he used to let flies land on him and walk around. He liked that tickley feeling. "You need to make peace with the flies," he told me. Eewww.

Hmm...the girls are virtual twins, your daughter and he both commune with flies...if she chops up breakfast sausage and puts it in her sugary cereal, you should NOT let me know. ;-)


I wonder how your kid would handle Jeff Goldblum??


A fly on your finger is worth two flies in the ointment~Mr. Miyagi

A fly in your pie is worth 2 days of protein ~Mr. Miyagi

Now we know why he's dead.

Shally said...

My son can catch bugs flying in mid air too!! It is CRAZY.

He is the lizard whisperer too. He catches them, and they just hang out with him until it is time to let them go!

Maybe she could catch the flies to feed the frogs he catches too... :)

Hey It's Di said...

She doesn't have an odor does she? You know those flies and poop:)

And if not, she definitely has super powers & needs a title. Fly Lady? Oh, that's for people who clean their house right? Not that I would know.

Alice said...

MadMad - Heh heh...toddler flies...

Danielle - Seriously, I could use the extra cash. What should I charge for something like that?

N - Wow, totally did NOT know about the fly/tickly thing. ROFL! And this is probably not what you want to know, but she loves her morning sausage although I've yet to see her put it in cereal. Will keep you posted.

Elastic - Mr. Miyagi was wise. Or really gross.

Shally - If we hook these two up, just think of the POWERS of the offspring!

Di - Aw jeez. I wonder now if she's been trying to wipe herself. Thanks for that.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I never knew humans could do that. She must have faster hands than a chimpanzee.

Jenn Thorson said...

I dub GirlChild... Lord of the Flies!


Bee said...

You know what cracks me up?? That when your daughter is in school she won’t be all girly and squeamish! Ha ha! Think of all the torture she can inflict on any girls being mean to her. All she has to do is round up her bug army and attack ‘em! ;o)

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

She is adorable, confident, strong, and fearless; you done right, Mom. I have a student who does this, too. Mabye she has a future in the circus as an animal trainer? JK

So glad you commented today, because I just realized that you were not in my reader (I switched from bloglines to google). Glad to have you back! :)

Kelly said...

lol that is hilarious!
I actually thought of you guys yesterday..I was trying to get this annoying fly that was chillin' in the kitchen and failed multiple time. Then mid flight I hit the little sucker..hard. I was looking around for the dead body and couldn't find it anywhere..then i just happened to look at the fly swatter, and wouldn't you know he got stuck in the groves of the swatter. It was seriously awesome and I totally was thinking of Flygirl. To bad I didn't take a picture, I would have sent it to her!
Rock on Flygirl!! Shes my hero!

LceeL said...

Oh crap. ANOTHER superhero. The question is - will her powers fade when she's exposed to an American Girl Makeup Case?

Alice said...

Gorilla - I think the flies are just evolutionary rejects.

Jenn - You're so witty! ; )

Bee - True, I never thought of that angle. But she's always been a kick-ass-and-take-names-later kinda gal.

Kissin'Time - Hah, GirlChild's Fly Circus! I have those old Bug's Bunny flea circus scenes in my head now.

Kelly - See, you didn't even realize your own strength! Go on and send in the fly photos since I can feel my blog morphing.

Lceel - I would worry about that, except she's already completely girlie too. She's got bras and deodorant and acts like she shaves her legs already. I had NOTHING to do with this. I mean, she's never even seen me shave MY legs before.

Tracy said...

I know this is probably really nutty of me, but I'm terrified of flies because of that whole "every time they land they puke" thing. I don't know if it's true or not but if it is, I don't want any on me. So you can keep your fly controlling girl child. I'll keep my ballerinas.

Alice said...

Tracy - I just talk big. Don't worry, Girlchild like her pink and princess stuff too and she's got a bag of make-up. (ps. She made me buy her a bra too. Gah!)

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