Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Majestic Dawn Drinking Games

In an effort to ramp up our experience for the big Pokémon Majestic Dawn Pre-Release, Jules, Robin, Babycakes and I held a pre-pre-release Pokémon night of our own. One must prepare for battle with the black t-shirted boys. Jeez, I watch the History Channel. Sometimes. When I’m not watching infomercials for Proactiv.

We set all the kids free in the backyard, took over the kitchen table in pure elbow-to-elbow form and dealt ‘em up. I used to think that poker was the only game that could put me on tilt, but it turns out that Pokémon can do it too. As I made such a staggeringly unstrategic move against Babycakes – I could only look at the cards, just shaking my head, eyes wide open. Couldn’t get my head straight after that. Twelve hours of watching Alexander conquer the world in between Space Bag commercials hadn’t prepared me adequately. And then the kids try to come inside with lame excuses like “it’s getting dark” and “that big dog is loose again.”

BoyChild: Hey Mom?

Me: What?

BoyChild: We’re hungry.

Me: Can’t you see I’m busy making stupid moves against your dad?

BoyChild: So hungryyyyy…..

Me: Well, there’s the knife and there’s the peanut butter.

BoyChild: Is that Torterra X?

Me: Don’t even look at it. That goes, for like five dollars on eBay.

As the battles continued, conversation took a turn towards:

“We could totally turn this into a drinking game. You have to do a shot after a knock-out and for an extra shot you can remove poison and two damage counters.”

“That’s not fair, none of your Pokémon can poison.”

“FINE! Be that way! Make up your own damn drinking rules. And how much of this Jose Cuervo am I gonna need to unparalyze Charmeleon?”

*Other scary news* Pokémon has made it into the Microsoft Word spell-check. *gulp* It went through and put the little accent mark over the ‘e’ for me.

A ‘mint
Humor-Blogs ex 120HP’ card goes for like $1.25 on eBay.


Bee said...

Where you yesterday? I was having a Corona all by my lonesome to celebrate Cinco. I would have totally played Pokémon... Anything for a drinking game!

Meg said...

Drinking and Pokemon (I apparently don't have that spellcheck thing) are two of our family's favorite games--but they don't generally don' mix.

Another favorite of mine is Alexander conquering the world--that is--if it's my Coin Farrell as Alexander. Hot scene with him kissing the guy!!

Sue said...

Very funny - I believe that ANY game can be turned into a drinking game, including the "4pm post-bus cleaning the kitchen Game".

Alice said...

Bee - *weep* My Corona is all gone and so is my tonic water. Catch me next year girl!

Meg - Wow! - Another Pokemon playing gal. I thought there were about 4 of us. But the true test is to ask if you have a POP card?????

Sue - I believe I may have played that one. I try to time my drinking for the half-hour before Babycakes gets home so I don't have a can't-drive-kids-to-the-ER-because-my-bloodalcohol-is-too-high scenario.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Just putting this note in an older post because I don't want to be a distraction in your current post.

I really liked the way you expressed yourself to Kadi in the Oprah/Christ backlash stuff. Very classy, direct, respectful and self-respecting. All bloggers should comment that way.

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