Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm Cool ... Or Maybe Not

This is how I oozed coolness on Sunday.

See how I expertly used MS Paint to black out my name and POP Number? Do you know what POP stands for? You loser. I have a Pokemon Organized Play Membership card and you don't. Or maybe you do, I don't know. I'm playing in the Pokemon Majestic Dawn tournament in May and I'm gonna show those black-t-shirted boys how a chick with an MS in Statistics can suck wind.

See this:

This is my Pokemon TCG League card. I again expertly black out my info to keep preteens from stealing my identity and POP number. Especially since I got a league win and had to approach the Pokemon Master Nick to initial twice (so circled) on my card. Nothing humbles like approaching someone half your age for some initials. Or approaching someone half your age for initials because you beat your 6 year old son.

Gotta go work up a wicked cool black t-shirt for this event.
Humor-Blogs says Squirtle Squirtle


Jenn Thorson said...

May your Pikachu never run out of voltage... :)

(PS- If it makes you feel any better, Alice, I was putting together my Indiana Jones Legos yesterday.)

Never grow too old for the stuff that makes ya smile. And thanks for the visit, Alice!

gizmorox said...

I never really got into Pokemon, but Squirtle makes me laugh. As animated warrior creatures go, they don't get any cuter.

Alice said...

Jenn - Indiana Jones Legos sound too cool and that's the one thing we don't have any of in the house. Maybe I should introduce as a Pokemon alternative!

Gizmo - don't fret about not "getting into Pokemon" because without BoyChild, I wouldn't be into it either. ; )

gadragonfly said...

Everyone else is thinking it but I must say it, You're a DORK, but I love you! Good Luck in the tournament.
If your Alice can I be the Chesire cat?

Alice said...

*sniff* It's for the love of my son...AND THE CHANCE TO BE ALL POWERFUL!

And no, you can't be the Cheshire Cat. You're more like the Queen of Hearts. OK, we're BOTH more like the Queen of Hearts.

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