Monday, March 24, 2008

The Haul

BoyChild and GirlChild have a lot of loving relatives who show their love at Easter in the form of sugar and cereal.

My preliminary tally is over 14,000 calories and that's not including the loose jellybeans and small items with missing "nutrition" fact tables on the back or items they squashed into their mouths before they could be included in the count. I thought about imputing for the missing data, but then I remembered the furor when Census 2000 tried to do that. OK... for real, I didn't feel like walking ALL the way upstairs to find a textbook.

I'm guessing that the protein & fiber in the GO LEAN Crunch! will be negated.

Babycakes and I had a good think about the warning on the Mary Sue Easter Egg:

If you can't make it out from the picture, this food item is: "Made on equipment shared with egg, peanuts, other tree nuts, FISH, soy and dairy." Because I blog and I care, I immediately attempted to contact Mary Sue. It's almost like she knew why I was calling and didn't answer the phone. So I sent them an e-mail for an official explanation on the FISH rather than the 10+ sophomoric reasons that Babycakes and I came up with on the ride home. I'll let you know if Mary Sue responds.

At least the Rheb's Vanilla ButterCream "Egg" had the decency to abstain from actually putting a nutritional guide on their box.

I personally weighed the hefty mass and got a staggering 1 pound 2 ounces. It had nice balance and felt good in my hand, so I threw it at Babycake's head and knocked him out.

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Anonymous said...

The fish issue is perplexing, but to me it is rivaled by the question of who thought to include a box of Go Lean--and more importantly, why--in the pile o' plunder?

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Easter is an evil holiday. How can anyone justify giving their children all this crap in the name of religion?

A bit cranky here,


Alice said...

The Go Lean was used more like a prop for the easter grass underneath, so getting it was BONUS.

Robin - would you be less cranky if I bought over a Lindt Chocolate Bunny tomorrow? ; )

Anonymous said...

Mary sue is obviously high... She forgot to put the word "SHELL" in front of fish. Lots of people are allergic to shell fish, and even the smallest amount of residue can cause a fatal reaction.LOL being from Salisbury Maryland I know both of the company's well funny I never thought of chunking a truffle.ROFLOL.

Alice said...

Babycakes fam surely supports the local shops! Welcome fellow Marylander (Hon)!

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