Monday, March 24, 2008

Mary Sue Responds!!!

**NEWSFLASH** - This just in from Mary Sue regarding previous post!!

Thank you for your inquiry of Mary Sue Candies. All of our products are kosher and because of this we are not able to use pork gelatin in our marshmallow items. Rather we use fish gelatin.


I'd like to give a personal thumbs-up to Mary Sue for their quick response!!


gizmorox said...

Oh dear god. I may never eat marshmallows again. Pork gelatin? What the hell is that?!

Alice said...

Even worse - what is FISH gelatin!?

gadragonfly said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't like gelatinous substances. Now I actually have a reason to give.

gizmorox said...

Go to wikipedia and read the entry on gelatin. There's no avoiding it, but man alive does the article manage to make it sound like the most disgusting process on earth.

Alice said...

Uh..thanks Gizmo..and I found this on another site that made me throw up a little.. "Gelatin from cod skin gels at 10ÂșC, whereas gelatin from carp skin would be more similar to animal gelatin, which gels above room temperature."

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