Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Commodore 64 Has Arrived!

God - I can hardly breathe. My new computer has arrived. My computer arrived in the form of a DHL man knocking on my kitchen window while I was unloading dishes - quick grab a knife and run GirlChild run! Scanning the driveway to check that he was actually delivering stuff and not just trying to get to our large screen TV, GirlChild and I did the happy dance.

I've had the current beast for about 7 years now - it's been added to, patched, a little duct tape, a lotta dust. Every now and then it would emit a horrible grinding noise that would spur us to the Dell website. You could get a small meal out of what's trapped in the keyboard. Read here for the last straw.

Here's hoping things get all transfered and hooked up soon because if there's one thing Returned Peace Corps Volunteers love to do, it's tell their stories that mean nothing to anyone else. Can hardly wait to scan my first picture!


Anonymous said...

Like the time Sheila was waiting for her African host family to start dinner, and they were waiting for her to make the first move, so she finally said, "Should I help myself?" at which point, of course, they led her outside to the pit latrine and left her there in the dark? You mean those kinds of stories?

Congrats on the new addition to your family.

Alice said...

Oh yeah! And when I run out, I'll use all of your stories. ; )

ps. I never heard that one about Sheila.

Anonymous said...

I call my son "babycakes" sometimes.
Got it from a friend and it stuck.

Loving your blog.

I've got two going because I like to over extend myself.

My main one is www.boondockramblings.wordpress.com.

My bro told me to stop writing about my kid so he talked me (somehow) into starting another one. Glad he did, though, I'm having fun rambling about my job and the crazy people I live around.

Anonymous said...

did you get one from commodore gaming?

Alice said...

No..I was just kidding - got a real computer from Dell.

Alice said...

SMALLTOWN - I called BoyChild "Pookie" for the longest time when he was a baby. And I have to say that now that I've told my friends and family about the blog, it has surely limited the number of funny stories I can tell! ; ) Maybe I'll open up another anonymous blog like you.

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