Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Laziness Backfires!

I somehow made Diesel's Top 10 for his current caption contest, and I'd ask you to vote for me - but after reading them, I thought a lot of the others were much you go and be the judge! Or vote for Alice anyhow! Can I buy your vote? Go on and send me those Amazon wishlists!

Other news: Laziness backfires once again!

While mowing as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to a big overgrown patch of pseudo-hedge, in an effort to avoid having to come back with the weed-eater, I ended up with a sport-bra full of buds, leaves and at least two live bugs. (It's because my rack is so HUGE that there's an ample gap for things to enter.)

I dedicated a good five minutes to excavation of the cleavage and when I looked up, saw five folks yukkin' it up on my neighbors driveway. In an effort to pull away nonchalantly, I chested another branch but decided to work on those booby presents on the other side of the house. It's hard being nonchalant with a beetle working his way to your armpit.

If you click on Humor-Blogs fast enough, you might just catch my rack. Or for better headlights, you can go here.


Bex said...

That's funny! I have big boobs, too, and it's a constant source of snacks and critters. The thing I really hate is when a hair drops in there and tickles me. I always plunge my hand in looking for whatever it is. Fun for the whole family...

PS I made it in the top ten, too. But I'm afraid that's as far as I'll be taking it as the competition seems pretty tough. Damn, damn, damn!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

If you can't entertain your neighbors when you garden, it just ain't gardening. I end up with bits of things in my hair, I end up falling down my front hill when I weed, oh, it's a fun-fest. I wear my scrubbiest most bag-lady things, my glasses instead of contacts and put my hair in a Pebbles Flintstone look-- and this ends up being also the time every neighbor in the hood decides to stop and chat.

Beware the Beetles!! :)

Sue said...

Wait this is getting eerie: we all made it to the top 10, we all have big boobs......

Also, i swallowed a bug today weeding.

Bee said...

I’ve had the craziest stuff go into the cleavage and I too am not afraid to go hunting in public.

Alice said...

OK gals - I'd suggest a yard-clothes cleavage hunting contest, but I'm not so brave. I'm apparently only that brave when wielding JD or a weed-eater.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"I ended up with a sport-bra full of buds"
Don'tcha just HATE that when you know damn well you hauled a full load in that bra with ya out of the house? If I see 'em I'll let you know.
Don't mind me. I was just at Bee's. Nobody leaves that zoo with a full load.:)

Meg said...

I usually only have that problem when I drink--which is almost always.

Anyway, it sounds like there's an opportunity for a business-type person to invent and market a 'boobs only halter.'


I keep a mini but portable food storage hidden between my ample bosoms.

My family will thank me one day when the apocalypse hits.

Alice said...

Future - Excellent visual!

Meg - or I could just wear a bib. ; )

Elastic - my mini-portable food storage was actually in my old computer keyboard.

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