Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Stuff About ME ME ME

Flea d’Lure and Next Door To My Ex both tagged me with the '6 Random Things Meme', which I’ve done before here. Read it! You can find out how much I HATE eggs, my seasickness and there's even a pic of a hot guy! (Pandering to the women readers.)

But don’t we all love talking about ourselves more than anything? So here are six more random things you’ll need to know before we ever meet in person:

1. Flea’s got a pic of Darth Vader in her hallway. I have a pic of Darth Vader in my stairwell. Lou asked about my dark side – and there it is. I have a secret crush on Darth Vader. You can’t get much more Dark Side than that. I own a Darth Vader mask complete with voice synthesizer and can’t wear it around the house because it freaks GirlChild out. Which I don't get because she's fascinated with Darth Maul who looks far creepier. Here is GirlChild waxing on about special powers.

One of my favorite YouTube series: Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager.

2. There was a guy in a math class in college that I secretly competed with for grades. It was easy enough to see his scores when tests were handed back. On one test, there was a section where you had to choose 4 of 6 problems to solve. When I got the test back, I had a 98% and was absolutely positive he couldn’t have done better. But the butt-head did all 6 of the problems and the teacher gave him bonus points and I almost blew a gasket. I could have done all 6 too. It burns me to this day. Adam... this finger is for you!

3. When I was younger, an ostrich bit me at the zoo. In my mind, this made me the coolest kid EVER. Because really, has anyone else ever been bitten by an ostrich?

4. My cousin (or more like second-cousin) Daniel placed 6th in last year’s Australian Idol.

I believe he is the sole blood-relative with any musical talent. And after hearing BoyChild and GirlChild sing, I'm assured that our non-musical tradition has been passed on.

5. The only famous person that has ever spoken to me was Bobby Cox, manager of the Atlanta Braves, when I stood in line for him to autograph a baseball card. I left my Sharpie and he called me back to get it. WOW!

6. During our wedding reception, the wedding party entered the hall to this song:

Damn, that was a fun reception.


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HappyHourSue said...

No, sir. You did not have The muppet theme song at your wedding. That is the BOMB!!!!!!!

for a different kind of girl said...

This confirms how much I dig you. I never imagined there'd be another grown woman walking around with the Darth Vader voice changing mask on, but sweet victory! There is!

I swooped through my house with one on last week - complete with cape AND light saber, too!

LceeL said...

That is so funny. My favorite Muppet is Grover, only because he was always being thrown across the camera view and you got to see a whole muppet. Briefly.

Queen Goob said...

You can keep Darth Vader because really - do you REMEBER what he looks like without that mask?

I am a Boba Fett fan. He's sexy, manly, and knows how to a quiet, shy sort of way.

And even tough I have life-sized cutouts of Jack Sparrow, my best movie poster is a full-length shot of Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. And he is immortal.

gadragonfly said...

I always tell people of the Muppet etrance. It rocked!! How am I ever going to top that?
Also I thought it was a goose at Chico's Monkey farm that bit you? How should I know I was barely alive.
I love the secret competition in math, I'm sure I did it too, we are such math nerds thanks to dad.

Alice said...

Sue - I wish you were there. Babycakes and I want to replicate our reception every 10 years. We should do it and invite all my bloggy friends.

FADKOG - You..Me...Darth Vader outfits...crashing Blogher!

Lou - I love Grover too! I think because he's so sweetly dorky.

Queen G - Dammit, never bring up Vader without the mask. Ugh. And Boba Fett is pretty hot too. I sent a friend's baby a onesie that read "Baby Fett" that rocked. Where was that when mine were small?

D - Naw, it was an ostrich in Oklahoma maybe? And I'm sure your reception will kick ass too.

Meg said...

Dang, your wedding sounds like fun!

I don't have the DV mask, but I do have the R2D2 cookie jar.

And a gift for you on my blog.

Robyn said...

I miss the muppets. And my son is totally putting Chad Vader on his favorites list.

Cocotte said...

Your cousin (second cousin) is hott! Am I the only lustful woman here?

Bex said... ostrich bit you....hahahahaHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

I probably would have peed in my pants if I had seen it. (I probably would have peed in my pants anyway - just being honest!) I have this immaturity to me that causes laughter at all sorts of inappropriate things.

Hmm. I think I'll write a blog about it. Anyway, funny post.

Also, I can do a dead-on Beaker impression. I'm wicked proud of that...not. My husband and I'll be at a party or something and the Muppet Show will come up in conversation (maybe they're talking about your weding??) and my hubs will be all, "Bex!! Do the Beaker. Come on, they'll LOVE it!"

So he'll finally talk me into it, I'll do it and everyone will laugh, but not exactly with me, if you know what I mean. It's pretty sad.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

My niece had the theme from the first Star Wars Episode played at the recession following her 12-minute wedding at the Botanical Gardens. They also played Adam Sandler's Grow Old With Me and had one of their friends be their "presidor." Very interesting! Sounds like your wedding was fun!

Kelly said...

I so love you..and wish I could have been at the reception! That is totally awesome!

Alice said...

Meg - Loved the gift! And an R2D2 cookie jar totally counts. Actually, speaking of eBay...that's probably worth a small fortune on there.

Robyn - I'm glad. I want someone else to appreciate Chad Vader besides myself.

Cocotte - I can't have lustful thoughts about relatives. Or can I?

Bex - This is the perfect time to audio yourself doing Beaker and put it up on your blog. I'd even call my sister to give you a smiley face for that. ; ) A

Mrs. 4444 - How awesome! I would have gone with more original stuff at the wedding but the organist was a BEYOTCH! I wish I could go back in time and fire her. My husband and I appreciate the Adam Sandler song too. That's great!

Kelly - I wish you were there too. You're invited to the duplication reception we plan on holding when we hit the lottery.

Hey It's Di said...

I am totally convinced your reception was a ball hearing that you entered to the Muppet Show song. They rock!

You may be shocked to know that I have been kicked by an Ostrich, my siser bit and my father pecked on the head. We just sold the last of about 20 Ostriches that we had last year. Don't was my Dad's hobby I guess:)

Oh yeah! I totally did the math competition thing too and it was usually with a guy in my class. I want to beat men in the math game ALWAYS!! (maybe it's because they have claimed that men are better at math than girls. I beg to differ!)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

That Chad Vader video? Hilarious!

damon said...

I love Chad Vader! I've seen all the clips. Poor guy can't catch a break.

I Want Dentures That Look Like Zebra Teeth said...

I got bit by a zebra last year when I took the kids to a drive-thru safari. I wasn't feeding the damn thing fast enough and he decided to take a little nip of Elastic Jerky to make me throw out the zebra food pellets faster. It worked. I screamed, threw the whole bag at him and stepped on the gas....while all my kids were laughing at me.

gizmorox said...

I have yet to meet a non-attractive Australian boy. What is with that?

Also, the Muppet entrance is possibly the greatest thing ever!

neutron said...

Damn that Adam, Damn him!!!!

just a girl... said...

Darth Vadar is hot!

Bee said...

Listen man, just cuz an ostrich bit you and the only thing that has bit me is my hubs DOES NOT make you cooler than 'kay?

Okay. Maybe it does. ;o)

Alice said...

Di - How cool! What did he do with all the ostrich before selling them? Was it for meat? And I know what you mean about wanting to beat the men, but it was just this one guy who drove me to distraction. I can't figure me out sometimes.

Nanny and Damon - I'm so happy to have more Chad Vader fans out there!

Dentures - LOL! I can see it happening.

Gizmo - Hmmm..I always thought it was just the accent. ; )

Neutron - Yeah, he sucked and didn't even realize it.

Just a Girl - It's the power that we wields that's so seductive.

Bee - No. You're definitely cooler.

Jenn Thorson said...

"My Mommy Was Darth Vader." It sounds like a perfect movie-of-the-week to me! :)

Hey, have a great weekend, Alice!

Camille said...

Darth Vader? But he's so MEAN!

Janet said...

Cool, someone weirder than me. *I* only have a (not so secret) crush on The Joker :-)

Mrs. Who said...

An ostrich bit you? Really? How in the world did that happen. More details are needed.

Trooper Thorn said...

How secret was the secret competition? Did the guy know about it? How about the teacher?

I haven't been bitten by an ostrich, but I've eaten ostrich. And emu. And gator. I'm trying to cross all the land animals off my list. But I could never kill anything. Oh the irony.

Thanks for your comments about Favre's 'Stay Home' pay. I'm with you on the flip-flops. That's another sign of career success. I should add 'Flip-Flops" to "Dogs and Jeans"

Veronica said...

I think being bitten by an ostrich is pretty cool.

But I am a little weird.

Mary Witzl said...

My husband has been bitten (well, pecked, actually) by an ostrich. It happened at a petting zoo in Nottingham. He was trying to feed the ostrich, silly man. He's thrilled to share this distinction with someone, though.

Great wedding song! I always figured that if we'd sprung for a wedding (we got married at the town hall in Ichikawa), we'd have had the song 'Bony Fingers.' I like the reality of it -- the way it gets right down to the bare bones of married life.

Cassie said...

I secretly competed for grades with people too. My college roommate and I met during a Geology class. It was a hard class that tons of people failed. The professor actually told us that he RARELY gives out A's. Anyway, in the end, I got an A and my roommate got a B. We are both the kind of people who just don't get B's. To this day she always says she is bitter that I got an A, and I tell her to get over it already! But secretly, I am still very proud of myself!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Ostrichs are scary! The muppets are so much more loveable...we love them...what a great idea for a zany reception..I am singing right's time to come together!

And, you really really really need to seek some therapy for your Hermione Grainger syndrome. Really, c'mon you got an A!!!

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