Friday, May 23, 2008

Party a la GirlChild ... and Love Ducks!

Holy Sealy Pillowtop Mattress Batman! - I'm wiped.

GirlChild's party was fun in the way that a twister ripping through Oklahoma is fun. See how I force my guests to go chase my patio umbrella through the neighborhood:

Please - I was doing more important things like shoving chips in my face. I had quickly calculated the energy/time needed to extricate my hips from the plastic lawn chair vs. other moms taking care of the situation thereby saving myself 3.2 Joules of something (good grief - I got bored just trying to investigate physics just now...snooze....)

GirlChild and friend romping in the kiddie-wind-chill-factor-fun-pool:

Dressing up proved warmer and more popular - and those five year old bodies are still squeezing themselves into the infamous cat suit.

Now we don't just hang with ordinary folk around here. Here is WitchyGirl's dad. CatGirl's mom has this. Princess GirlChild's mom likes to eat this.

And just in case you were feeling the need to discuss more aspects of duck love, I'll let you know that we've got a little ménage à trois now. You go girl!

I'm honestly going to attempt to write up something a little more blogworthy this weekend. I mean...posting pics of rapist ducks (you'll need to fish through the comments for all that) is really scraping the bottom of my mental barrel.


Please don't ban me for complete lameness Humor-Blogs!



Ducks are also incenstuous. Did you know that?

The little known fact that Disney never wanted you to know is that Donald and Daisy are brother and sister!

The horror! The shock! The perfect ad campaign for a duck pate company!


I saw cat suits on sale in my Fredericks Of Hollywood.

Oh my freakin heck I didn't even know they manufactured that much black velvet.

Ummmm, just to clarify, Fredericks sends me catalogs. Completely unsolicited, I might add.


Happy Birthday Honey Pie's Mini-Me!!!

Hey It's Di said...

Hey sexy sox swapee! Don't worry about the delay as I have already chewed my nails off with busy holiday work at a floral:(

I will patiently look forward to your fun finds at Ebay!

By the way, you have a fun blog!

Alice said...

Elastic - You must be coming fresh off a duck marathon on Discovery Channel or have some sort of degree in duckology. If not, I'm gonna whip you up a cool, if not official degree/certificate.

And there ain't enough black velvet for my Hershey gut!

Di - thanks for being a sport. I know you'll be completely disappointed when you see the winning socks from eBay!! I'll shoot them outta here as fast as I get them!

Tracy said...

Why did you have to show me the cadbury site? Huh? I was just getting over my cadbury egg withdrawal and then you have to go and show me where I can get a fix. Shame on you.
Frankie looks kind of cool.
When my kids were 2 and 3 we got them a dress up box from the Disney store that had like four different princess dresses in it. Now at 6 and 8 they're still trying to fit into them but now they're belly shirts and mini skirts. It looks kinda funny.

Sue said...

Ha!! Love that duck and her growing polygamy compound.

Meg said...

Damn those patio umbrellas--they ruin everything.

Happy Birthday Honey Pie's Honey Pie!

Alice said...

Tracy - Honey, you should never have to go through Cadbury withdrawal with so many options out there! And Frankie is definitely one of the cooler dads who throws a kick-ass kid's party!

Sue - Now I'm mad that I didn't go the polygamy route with the whole duck thing.

Meg - GirlChild says Thanks! And don't worry - the umbrella thing didn't ruin anything for me. ; )

Bee said...

Answer me truthfully, do you live on Roloff farm?

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