Thursday, May 22, 2008

Phoning It In

Sorry peeps - GirlChild's birthday party is today so I need to do a complete rehash of last Saturday, only with smaller kids and more pink.

I'll leave you with a comic from one of my favorite sites:


Check out Humor-Blogs for people who cared a little more about what they slapped down on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Today? Thursday? You really do party like the frat boys!

Have a pink, sparkly day!

Sue said...

that cartoon is awesome!!! Happy bday, GirlChild!

Bee said...

My hubs has Whitney Huston’s “I will always love you” on his shuffle. He says it’s cuz he can reach the high notes when he’s alone.
I say he’s a big wussy pants.

Jenn Thorson said...

Good luck with Birthday Party: The Sequel!

Kelly said...

Another party...sweet!

Tracy said...

Hope girlchilds birthday is a hit! I want to come! I hope there's cocktails!
Have fun!

Arugula Queen said...

I'll have to e-mail you my post from last year where me and the Arugula King found ourselves getting down and dirty to the melodic strains of The Cha-Cha Slide!

Alice said...


Anon - Of course we party like frat boys here - there's nothing else to do.

Sue - Thanks!

Bee - Yeah - I can reach the high notes too when I'm alone. But the cat hides.

Jenn - Thanks!

Kelly - Only sorta sweet. ; )

Tracy - Oh...there's ALWAYS cocktails.

Arugula - LOL! Freakin' awesome!

Jean Knee said...

Hello Alice. I am your partner for the hot sox exchange. I told Elastic I wanted a stranger and she said they don't come any stranger than you.

And, like the bum that I am, I don't have your sox yet. I knew I was forgetting about something. Do not fear, I will seek out something this weekend.


Oh, Jean naughty, naughty little sox swapper, you!


As promised.
The Cha-Cha Slide Of Love

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