Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Savannah Visit

Now that we're actually here, I can wax on about what I truly love about Savannah - no one questions me when I order sweet tea, my parent's house has a fantastic view of the marsh and driving down a road all squashed in by oaks and spanish moss just makes me HAPPY.

The gnats ... not so much.

We've had a pretty full house for this visit and Babycakes got to bunk down in the room that's not technically a room because it's on the ground floor and about one foot over sea level. On the plus side, the most private bathroom is down there too which is sometimes what you want in a packed house. It's stocked with only the most interesting issues of Birds & Blooms magazine and a pack of matches.

My sister drove in from Atlanta and my Auntie Di flew down from Canada. As I've mentioned before, my mother's fam is British but we've managed to beat a lot of that out of her living in the States. Auntie Di still sounds like Miss Marple though. Must be harder to beat it out of the Canucks. As former daughters of Mother England, they know how to have a rockin' good time by keeping tabs on the Empire, so Mom ran off (and laminated) some possible new Australian flag designs. We sat around judging these for kicks and then made fun of Quebec.

The kids have had fun with their cousins spending some quality time pegging each other in the ball pit at Flying Frogs and reaching a group catatonic state with Super Smash Bros. on the Wii. In an attempt to get the kids outside, Auntie C pulled out the badminton equipment. Within 2 minutes we quickly shuffled everyone back in front of the TV. Auntie C and I have weak constitutions for poor coordination and weeping.

For the record (and to prove that we're not complete doofus parents) we actually got all the kids to Oatland Island which is a lovely wooded/marshy area where you can walk a path and view southeastern wildlife like bobcats, cougars, foxes and alligators. It's very well done with pleasant and knowledgeable staff and plenty of places to sit down. Check it out if you're visiting the area.


Daniel said...

Will you be having a tasty butter-laden lunch ya'll with Paula Deen on the the lanai of her water-way-backyarded home?

Alice said...

Hey don't laugh - I personally know her accountant!

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