Thursday, March 20, 2008

Other Savannah Pastimes

A favorite pastime in Mom's house is trying to locate the item with the oldest expiration date. There used to be plenty of meds or first aid items in the closet that I could vividly remember using when I was a teen. On my last visit, overcome by my inner-Health Department, I chucked out about two grocery bags of iodine, hydrogen peroxide and toothpaste that had reached it's peak when Duran Duran did.

Because of my previous haul to the dumpster - this quest was harder. I did find a bottle of Betadine that expired in 1994 and there was some Tick-Away that I'm pretty sure I used in the 7th grade. Anyhow - as I was foraging I found this little gem, the SAKOOL Tongue Cleaner. The Tongue Cleaner is a piece of green plastic approximately 7" x 0.25" and a few millimeters thick. If you saw this laying on the counter, you might think ... OK ... you wouldn't think anything because you'd just throw it away.

The Sakool Tongue Cleaner touts itself as the "natural breath freshener" so I gave it a whirl after my shower. I would advise using this item BEFORE you shower since it pulls all the saliva off your tongue, down the sides of the Tongue Cleaner and onto your chest. It did not stimulate my gag reflex as promised, but I wasn't picking up on that hint-o-spearmint it had indicated. I briefly considered running some experiments to test its efficacy but decided to pluck my eyebrows instead.

Save yourself the 49 cents or whatever my mom spent on this item and check out humor-blogs instead.


gizmorox said...

Hello! I just found your blog and thought it hilarious, as I live in Hilton Head, was just at South of the Border a couple days ago on a brief road trip north, and have a friend who was stuck in that very same I-95 debacle. I'm glad you made it here safe!

Alice said...

Thanks! Isn't it funny that we all feel compelled to stop at such a crazy place? Hope your trip home was smoother than ours. Cheers!

damon said...

You missed the hint-o-spearmint 'cause you probably scraped away all your taste buds!
While we're on the mouth issue, do I mouthwash then brush, or brush then mouthwash? No one seems to know. -d

Alice said...

I agree with the "scraped away all my taste buds" and might I suggest mouthwash, brush, mouthwash? We shouldn't take our dental care lightly.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Hi "Alice,"

Being all healthy, as I am, I do the tongue scraping thing. It's important to the whole Ayurvedic health thing. (Read up on it.) Of course, the rest of it is, well, pretty much bullshit, but hey. I like tongue scraping. What can I say?

Your Vegas roomie,


Mrs4444 said...

I think they sell these at Petco...

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