Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Latest Coral

After my first attempt at crocheting - I had a private tutoring session with an Italian woman named Jane to aid me in the aspects of yarn that (amazingly) my book "I Taught Myself To Crochet" didn't explain very well.

Jane passes herself off as a mild-mannered grandma, but in reality could take out your eye with that crochet hook. Her hands literally fly. While I clunkily tried to manage holding everything, she'd already produced at least one fancy doily. And then I'd try to duplicate what she'd done...and she'd help...and then she'd want to unpick it and start again. NOOOOOOO....I love that sad little thing/wad I just made...I'll start again with new yarnnnnn.......!!!!

Really though, it was a fantastic lesson and I've been inspired to attempt a little vest for GirlChild in the future. And thanks to Jane, I'm much quicker and with better hand position. It's sad to see such awesome skill and know that so little of that is passed on anymore.

Here is my latest bit of coral I've done for my reef. This particular bit started with a chain of about 20, and for every row I increased one on the third stitch.


Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I know you don't like lots of "stuff" hanging around your house. What are you doing with all your math-inspired crocheting? I know! Attach them to hair clips for a really bold statement!


Alice said...

Assuming I get a legitimate job in the fall - I plan on putting my awesome reef in the classroom! I can get kids to make me stuff for extra credit.

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