Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kite Flying

We have a yard that is just about perfect for flying a kite. It's a little over three acres, it's flat and we don't have many trees. We do need to wait for the spring breezes though. For reasons that I'm sure are highly complicated and involve the earth's rotation - we can't really fly kites no matter how windy during the rest of the year. They may fly for a minute or two and then bomb spectacularly into the ground.

Yesterday was absolutely perfect. The kites took no running and very little help to get airborne. Even our Paulownia aka Kite-Eating Tree seems pretty adept at flying one. She managed to snag BoyChild's and did a fine job flying it for the rest of the afternoon.

During this winter, we had one very fine day in the 70's that I spent pulling up a white trellis/arbor/pergola thingy that was getting to be a pain in the ass to mow around. This left some pretty nice-sized holes in the yard into which to kid's immediately buried their pirate treasure box.

This makes for an excellent project later on, where they try to relocate the box and dig it up. BoyChild, GirlChild and two friends spent the better part of an hour trying to reclaim the loot.
It also left this in the middle of my yard:

This is what I stepped into while walking backwards with a kite.


gadragonfly said...

See I'm not the only clutz in the family. Was it the same foot withh the bad ankle from your bachelorette party?

Alice said...

Luckily the fat on my backside cushioned the fall protecting my ankle somehow. ; )

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