Friday, July 11, 2008

Nothing to See... Just Walk On By

Angela from My Quiet Testimony put together a list of her 10 favorite movie characters on Tuesday. I'm all about appropriating and utilizing ideas from other folks this week (thanks Captain Pork Chops and Manager Mom) and so I'm gonna tweak this list a bit and throw out a photo montage of some TV folks I *heart*. I don't know if they're really my All-Time-Master-of-the-Universe-Top 10 or not, because the instant you say Name-Your-Top-10, I instantly achieve a blank, zen-like state. So here's my Friday night swill:
Cartman & Basil

Sybil: Are you still here Basil?
Basil: No, I went a few minutes ago dear, but I expect I'll be back shortly.
Hawkeye Pierce and The Comic Book Guy

Comic Book Guy: Last night's Itchy & Scratchy was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Rest assured I was on the internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world.


Suzanne and Eddie & Patsy

Suzanne: Julia, I am just here to visit Mother and pick up a car. I do not want to have any cultural experiences. As for seeing the "real" Japan, I've noticed that whenever people start talking about seeing the "real" anything, what they're talking about, basically, is hanging around with poor people. Now, I say I don't hang around with poor people at home, why should I do it on vacation?

Eddie: La Croix sweetie, La Croix


Mulder and Daffy

Scully: Oh my God, Mulder. It smells like... I think it's bile.

Mulder: Is there any way I can get it off my fingers quickly without betraying my cool exterior?


Lucille & Chris (in the Morning)

Chris Stevens: Today, a belated apology to the much maligned Chicken Little. It turns out you were right - the sky is falling. The National Space Administration informs us that Uncle Sam's Com-Sat 4 satellite is in a rapidly decaying orbit. That's their way of saying a ton of angry space trash is heading back home at fifteen thousand miles an hour. What does that make me think of? Makes me think of a triceratops, innocently munching a palm frond when out of the sky, whammo, a meteor sucker punches old mother Earth. Next thing you know, that triceratops, along with a hundred and seventy-five million years of dinosaur evolution, is nothing but history. To that unsung triceratops and all its kin, here's a song for you...


You needn't comment. This was just thrown out in a moment of ho-hum-dom on a Friday evening.


Bee said...

Well I'm commenting anyway!

Your sense of humor is like a finely tuned Mercedes Benz!

I ♥ Cartman and Hawkeye!

Sean C said...

I wouldn't have commented except you mentioned Lucille Bluth. Anytime someone shares my love of AD we are instant BFF's. Hello bff!

Kelly said...

I had to say I am so with you on Chris in the morning. I love Northern Exposure..I have a few seasons on dvd. I also totally heart Ed..remember him? the film-maker dude..I am still crushing on that man!
Seinfeld and Northern on my all time fav shows. :)

Sparkliesunshine said...

Basil = Complete awesomeness. I could not get enough of that show and honestly the role I like him in best.

Angela said...

Lucille! I just have love for ALLL of the Arrested Development cast.

And YUM! Mulder is so hot. Or should I say "foxy?" Hahaha, stupid pun.

Hey It's Di said...

Oh, I'm commenting! How do you come up with this stuff girl? You make me laugh late at night on a Friday night. I've scared the sleeping kids with my giggles. Thanks!

Alice said...

Bee - Thanks for commenting anyway. Babycakes stayed home today and it's not like I didn't have ample time for futzing around.

Sean - Someone currently has my Season 1 DVDs of Arrested Development and it's starting to cheese me off. Because I can't remember who I lent them too. BFF!

Kelly - *sigh* Yeah, both Ed and Chris were completely awesome and lovely. I miss that show.

Sparklie - Have you ever watched the Vicar of Dibley? You might like that although it's not as crazy as Fawlty Towers.

Angela - Thanks for the inspiration and yeah, Mulder was pretty damned Foxy. If folks phoned me during X-Files I'd answer all pissy.

Di - I'm glad you got a kick out of this because I just felt super lame smacking this up with no commentary. : )

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Oh my gosh! I had the world's hugest crush on Christ Stevens growing up. Seriously, I was madly in love with that man.

Robyn said...

You mentioned Suzanne Sugarbaker. You are so my friend.


I'm commenting so I can do my Gaspy Geeky Gush for David Duchovny!

I'm happily married but if Mulder ever wanted to probe me with his scientific wang, I'd let him.

That girl from Shallotte said...

I'm glad you told us not to comment, because I am too awestruck by your genius to come up with the appropriate words.

I wanna take my next vacation inside your brain. You know, take the guided tour, snap a few shots, buy a tee shirt, make my friends jealous...

Alice said...

Sarah - Yeah...he was the total package. Hot and thinky.

Robyn - I only wished I could have found a picture of her waving a gun around.

Elastic - He falls into the hot and thinky package too. I'm starting to see a pattern of men I find attractive.

ThatGirl - It's not genius, it's madness I tell you! You'd get lost. I like bits and pieces of most everything I've come in contact with so my mind can only be navigated by myself. On the other hand, if you do get lost in there, it's bound to be entertaining.

Bobbi said...

Cartman and Basil - Mulder and Daffy!! Hilarious!

gizmorox said...

I love me some Ab Fab. My fave line ever was when Patsy saw Saffy sitting on the staircase. "Eddie, there's something horrible on the stairs! Oh. It's just you."

Sparkliesunshine said...

No, I haven't. I'll have to look into that!

Anonymous said...

I SOOOO wanted to be Suzanne Sugarbaker when I grew up! Suzanne and Whitley Gilbert from "Different World". Basically, I wanted to be a rich, spoiled, southern belle with a heart of gold and great shoes. Well, I got the shoes!

Meg said...

I'm only commenting to mention that I'm still ahead. But judging from your comments, you are much funnier and better liked than I am--so you win.

p.s. I love Basil!

Lisa N. said...

I love Mulder! That quote cracks me up, hehehe.

Jenn Thorson said...

I miss Chris in the Morning... I had such a crush on him... But I don't think I've forgiven John Corbett for being on Sex and the City yet. Ah well...

Sue said...

Chris Stevens.......ROWR. Love his voice. And I wish the Ab Fab girls had a blog.

Janet said...

Nothing from Cartman? LMAO! Loved this post :-)

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