Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lorena, TX - The Diesel Way

As requested by the man himself:

And THIS is the real purpose of the mystery button, my friend, as proposed by Deb on the Rocks (sorta).


Humor-Bloggers are pressing buttons.



I can abide by threesome action on your blog Alice but showing a graph depicting a FOURsome is just crossing the line.

1 Monica Belluci+3 Musketeers= 4 people engaging in whipped nougat-filled action like you've never seen!

Bee said...

I almost squirted liquid outta my nose with Deb's comment!!

Sue said...

Wow, check out Diesel just demanding things and gettin' em!!!!!!!!!!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Ha! yeah, diesel has power like that. No idea why. I mean, he's cool and all that, but its not like he's Harrison Ford-fine, you know?

Alice said...

Elastic - Hey, whatever it takes to keep people coming back. Foursomes, fivesomes, tensomes.

Bee - Snorthworthy.

Sue - When you run the whole she-bang, you get what you ask for.

JMom - What?!? I'll let him know you said that. Hey Diesel - you're WAY HOT in my graph, uh, I mean book.

Jeff said...

Good answer!

I'll have to send Diesel a thank you card. No wait, something more inappropriate like a Halloween card would be better.

what's a donzer said...

I have been gone for so long that you've grown cankles and initiated love filled button pushing musketeerio menages? I have really missed this place!!!

Meg said...

Really, if his name were Al instead of Diesel, there would be no fuss at all.

Alice said...

Jeff - Just send me the thank you card for making it happen.

Donzer - Where the hell you been? Missed you!

Meg - But Al would still be running the show.

Diesel said...

Oh, I am so on my way to Lorena.

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