Friday, April 11, 2008

Mmm Bop

Babycakes cut my iPod off this morning and I actually said the following sentence:

Maybe I wanted to listen to 'Mmm Bop'!

That’s admitting that I was listening to 'Mmm Bop' before Babycakes intervened. That’s admitting that I have 'Mmm Bop' on the grouping of songs that are so precious to me that they exist on my iPod – little black rectangle of all that is right in this world. I can barely answer my cell phone but found a way to bottle a little Hanson. So sue me…it’s a catchy tune.

I’ll never be a music snob because my early years were spent dancing around the living room to ‘Paint Your Wagon’. My brother and I had moves for ‘Hand me down that can o' beans’ and it’s pretty much impossible to be cool at school with moves like that. We existed in a rock music void replete with Roger Whittaker and Johnny Horton. I think I knew there was a band called KISS, but Mom would cringe at the mention so we didn’t mention and made up a routine to “The Battle of New Orleans” instead. My brother and I cracked ourselves up the other day because we had both downloaded Marty Robbins “El Paso.”

It wasn’t until I hit middle-school that I was smacked in the face with my lack of knowledge of current musical trends. Someone said ‘John Cougar’ and I was just able to cover up that fact that I didn’t know this was a singer and not an animal. Fleeing in panic, I parked it in front of the TV and watched videos, etching the names of bands, albums and songs into my brain. I can remember vividly that the first band committed to grey matter was Hall & Oates. I wasn’t choosy – I was just trying to gather and cram information. Good music, bad music…any music…get into brain…must be current or fill void…must not stand out at new school. No more musicals or Civil War tunes. Thank allah for Friday Night Videos and MTV – a gift for someone like me.

So when you look at my profile, and under MUSIC it says I like a little bit of everything - that is the honest truth. I can sit back with a beer and relax listening to Glenn Miller just as easily as Metallica.

And as much as I like a good Mmm Bop – these were the original and much cooler Hanson Brothers.


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damon said...

Chiefs rule!

Hockey and Hanson - not an easy post to pull off. Well done.

I have to admit, I have Enrique Englesias' Ping-Pong song on my i-pod. (Don't tell anybody)

gadragonfly said...

One of my guilty iPod pleasures is "East Bound & Down" from Smokey & the the Bandit. Love it!
Also don't forget about the summer of La Bamba. :)

Alice said...

Thanks Damon - now I need to go check out Enrique. Babycakes loves it when he gets my iTunes invoice every month.

And WOW - how did I NOT have "East Bound & Down" already? ; )

what's a donzer said...

Mmm Bop is a classic. My guilty pleasure is pretty shameful: Do you remember R. Kelly's (and the respectable collective world is already going, "No.") song "Ignition (Remix)"? I still blast it alll the time, though it is the most obnoxious song since Limp Bizkit's "Nookie."

Alice said...

Aww crap Donzer... it appears I've entered a new era of musical ineptitude. Checkin' out iTunes NOW!!!

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