Monday, March 17, 2008

Trip Report Preamble

BoyChild, GirlChild, Babycakes and I packed into the minivan along with 53 of our favorite DVD's and headed south on a road trip that promised a new land-speed record between Maryland and Savannah. For the record, I drive. Something about me... control freakish... The sky was overcast with a hint of rain, but the roads were amazingly clear of college kids heading south for body shots at Senor Frogs.

But Babycakes! - aside from the fact that your van has no horn, no hubcaps, no airconditioning and no cruise control and my right ankle cannot be moved from it's now-permanent 120 degree angle - there is nothing blogworthy about this trip.

That would prove to be untrue.

But now I must pass out. I'll leave you with this teaser...


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