Friday, March 14, 2008


We are a free-feet lovin’ family and pretty much wear shoes only when forced. The downside to this are the rose bushes around the yard which mainly mind their own business but occasionally lean over and tear the living shit out of your arm. I’ve given up pruning the beasts by the shed as that would require something stamped "Kevlar" or spending time being intimate with my tweezers.

A very clever bird has built its nest at the back of this bramble and it seems like a safe bet. I think this particular bird must watch HGTV because don't those decorative blue tarp strands just make it pop! with a splash of color? (feeling nauseous having actually written that)

The roses in front aren’t so bad – chunkier and sparser thorns that are easier to dodge. Until I prune. And miss a limb on the ground. And then you step on it.

The kids are pretty good about taking this in stride, pulling the suckers out and continuing on, but it’s ugly when I’ve got to dig. BoyChild will amazingly let me poke and prod with the tweezers without flinching. With GirlChild, I had the next door neighbor hold her arms while we sort of looked like this:

Then you just try to get in deep and fast before her heel connects with your eyeball.


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