Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pinch and a Punch

It's March 1st.

Pinch and a punch
First of the month
And no returns

Don't know what this means or "get it"? Yeah, well neither did most of my schoolmates growing up. I very well could have had leprosy or a booger hanging out of my nose and gotten the same expression as when I did a Pinch-and-a-Punch.

See, the problem with having an English mother is that some of what is normal within your family pod is not really normal to anyone else. On the first day of every month we'd run like mad around the house trying to pinch and punch everyone in the arm while chanting the above verse. This doesn't carry over to the schoolyard well - "Did you just freakin' hit me in the arm?"

To this day, we try to Pinch and Punch over the phone. Mom tries to tag everyone via e-mail at 5:00 in the morning, but we've pretty much vetoed the e-mail Pinch/Punch, because my computer geek brother says that if it's legal, he'll just write a program that e-mails everyone at midnight. And then you could break it down further by refusing to open and read the e-mail.

It's nutty but entertaining...give it a whirl on April 1st !!


gadragonfly said...

Oh yea I didn't call you Saturday, so Pinch & a punch 3rd of the month, no returns.

Alice said...

That's even sadder than Mom's e-mails. ; )

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