Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pen Pal

I have a really good friend that I've never met in person - the wonder and joys of a good internet connection.

I've never been part of the whole chat room scene, but sometime last year I was contacted by a gal who noticed a Black Dagger Brotherhood quote I had posted up at my Neopets shop. (Whoa, did I really just admit to more Neopets stuff? Wait...did I just admit to quoting sleazy vampire stuff ON Neopets? ) I typically don't respond to the many teens who write stuff like "do U wnt to cht" or "will U B my frnd" but it's not everyday that you meet someone who reads the same obscure vampire series AND has a Neopets addiction.

And so we corresponded about the books....and then you begin to wonder if this person you're writing to is really a psycho-serial killer trying to get your personal info so they can sneak in later, steal your identity, your kids and your stuff and then kill you while you sleep. But then you reflect that you don't really have anything worth stealing, except for the large screen TV and if someone can actually get that mother out of the house without someone noticing, they probably deserve it.

Anyhoo... "K" turned out to be a zero on the psycho-side and a 10 on the fascinating-side and it's very nice to have a pseudo-anonymous friend to unload on. I say everyone should get a penpal who doesn't know anyone in your circle of friends and family so you can compare notes on fictional studs and write things like "she really should shower more".

Gossiping and embarrassing is best done anonymously.

Cheers "K" - Phury-ously hoping to change that anonymous status this summer!


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