Sunday, March 30, 2008

GirlChild's House of Hair

Gob said it best, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

I gave GirlChild a trim. She was all sad about it because she wants long hair (seeing as how her current style isn’t getting her primo roles in Christmas pageants). Honey Pie, your hair is currently 5 inches long and yet you still get massive knot wads that have stumped Johnson & Johnson. That is the length is shall remain.

I cheered her up by letting her trim my hair. I figured I was gonna get 4 or 5 inches cut off anyhow, so I’d let her play beauty shop a little. I SHOWED her how much she was allowed to fiddle with. 4-5 inches is PLENTY of leeway, right?

Next thing I know, I feel something at the crown of my head near the scalp. I look back and see a hunk of long strands hanging from the scissors. What the…?


GirlChild: I forgot.

Me: WHAT!?!?! (This was at least 5x louder than my cap letters may appear.)

GirlChild: It was more fun.

I immediately ceased to be a client at GirlChild’s House of Hair (lessness). Regal the Beanie Baby didn’t fare as well, lacking the lung power and well, a nervous system.


Humor-Blogs IS a client of GirlChild's House of Hair


Anonymous said...

That ought to learn you.

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't let her use the new electric trimmer.

How was the poker tournament?

Alice said...

Fiar - it did learn me. ; )

And there's no way my kids are getting their hands on the electric trimmer. I've already got Regal's hair all over the floor.

Poker tournament - finished mid-pack, but it was enjoyable. It's nice when you don't get whiners at your table.

gadragonfly said...

Didn't you learn from when you let me cut your hair wen I was like 9 or something? I wasn't 4 & still screwed it up. Not that bad of course. I was too afraid of you. :) Oh I just remembered, this can match the patch on your forehead that someone mysteriously cut without you knowing it.

the frogster said...

I cut my own hair and I do a good job of it, too. Even my wife remarks about how great my cuts are without even using a mirror. It's like some kind of gift. But will she let me near her hair? Not when she's awake.

Birdie said... *laugh*

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