Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lord of the Flies

Took a shower last night - got out - found SIX flies buzzing around. How, in fact, does a colony of flies establish itself in my bathroom like that without me noticing at some point during the day? Maybe the colony of ants I'm working on eradicating invited them in for "good times". Or you might be thinking, "Alice's bathroom must resemble a rest stop on I-95." UNTRUE.

And so I swatted for a while which lead me to some very deep statistical analysis on the probability of hitting a fly with a random swat pattern. I say random, because it seemed as hard as I was trying to aim for them, it never quite connected. In the end, the flies seemed to prefer landing on my left hand vanity light for a break which is where 5 of the 6 met the swatter. I did manage to smack one out of the air and straight into the garbage can. SWEET!


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