Sunday, July 18, 2010

Iceland H2O : Part 3

Prior to our trip, I checked out after reading about an old bloggy friend's experience with it.  I found a family that was willing to take in another family and we corresponded for a bit.  While she lives in Iceland with her Icelandic husband and her very Nordic children, Ko-leen is from Canada and completely snarky about lame Facebook updates which means I love her.  

AND...our two oldest kids could have been separated at birth.  Behold BoyChild and Kasper!  Identical hair, identical hand holds on the Nintendo DS, identical gravitational pull to the television.  The only real difference is that Kasper can speak Icelandic AND English which means we'll always be the lame Americans trying to pronouce 'Eyjafjallajökull'.

We didn't bunk down with them, but we met up a couple of times, the second time at WaterWorld in Keflavik so the kids could swim.  Iceland being what it is with all sorts of hot water underground is not wanting for heated swimming pools.  We swam every evening at a new pool and loved every minute of it.  But before swimming in all that awesomeness you have to bathe NAKED and clean yourself before going in.  And they mean it.   I stole this sign off the internet because I feared the wrath of 20 naked Icelanders if I were to have taken my camera into the locker room.  They inform you EXACTLY where they want to you wash before getting your funky body into their pool. 

The first time was intimidating until I saw some ladies that were fatter and saggier than I was.  After that, GirlChild and I embraced our nudity, soaped up (being sure to hit all the key points denoted in hot pink).  GirlChild didn't really need to embrace anything because she's already sorta comfortable with being naked.  Now while I was fine with the whole naked-in-front-of-Icelanders-that-I'll-never-see-again, Ko-leen and I had to work out a schedule so we didn't appear in the showers at the same time because we'd have to look each other in the eye for cake and coffee afterwards. 

The most eye-catching batch of hot water comes from a geo-thermal power plant and is known as the Blue Lagoon.  BoyChild's jaunt into the waters was pretty short.  He couldn't take the squishy bottom on his toes, but GirlChild took full advantage of its benefits by rubbing the mud all over to maintain her youthful 7-year-old appearance.

(Attn:  Iceland Shower Police - I never washed my feet...mwahahahha.....)


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