Monday, April 14, 2008

Short Weekend Update...

...(brain not firing properly for writing yet…)

Kid Party: Attended a birthday party with GirlChild

Why it was good: A five year-old girl chose Batman as her theme

Why it was bad: I went to the party un-Xanax-ed and couldn’t handle 10 kids fighting over the battery-powered cars.

Poker: Home game with friends

Why it was good: Cheaper than a regular tournament, free beer stolen from other people’s coolers and conversation that only got better after 1 am

Why it was bad: I had to leave.

Pokemon: League play with BoyChild at Aardvark’s

Why it was good: I achieved one sweeter-than-honey victory over black-t-shirted guy, Nick. Viva Exploud!

Why it was bad: I was playing with a banned card that Nick was nice enough to let me keep in my deck. ARRGHH!! Why are these Pokemon people so damned nice?!?!?! I’ve seen more sportsmanship, kindness and maturity at Aardvark’s than I’ve ever at a poker tournament. I’ll never be able to write my expose on the seamy underbelly of Pokemon.

Laundry: Folded laundry

Why it was good: I can see the sofa now.

Why it was bad: There was a lot of it and I think one batch stayed in the washer a few hours too long and had washer funk.
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Anonymous said...

Ah, washer-funker, we know it well. My million-dollar idea is a dryer sheet that can counteract it. Either that, or a smart washer that can take in to account the temperature of the room and the number of hours the wet laundry has been left untouched, and then just kick into a Febreeze-loaded extra rinse cycle when necessary. I'd be a zillionaire. Oh well...

Alice said...

Ahhh...the Febreeze rinse cycle...pure GENIUS!!

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