Friday, April 4, 2008

Nude UNO

This may come as a shock to the tens of readers of my blog, but we are a nude family. Having quit my job to stay at home – I’ve found that nudity is cheaper than Gymboree. I’ve also carved out more time for solitaire on the computer since the laundry has been reduced by 90%.

However, we’ve just been motivated to add a shirt because our life style is beginning to impact the occupational future of BoyChild. Turns out that he can never aspire to ‘policeman’ because:

Let me translate left-handed 1st grader-ese: “I said ‘no’ because you have to get dressed every day.”

I said, “BoyChild – you just be a blogger like your Mom and you’ll never have to get dressed again!”

He also wrote his magnum opus on why I’m the best Mom that I would now dissect.

My whole Mom-is-Awesome-ness revolves about being a supplier. Luckily, I not only share cards, but I buy them also. Clearly he means our sick Pokemon habit.

He then switches 180 degrees to UNO and I can only think that the school believes I’m pulling the TCG-wool over BoyChild’s eyes.

“BoyChild…I’ll trade you this Blue 3 AND a Reverse for that Charmeleon.”

The statement, “I allways win uno” is a lie. GirlChild always wins UNO. And that’s a fact and supersad because we see her hand the whole time.

Hey BoyChild – I love you too.

ps. Mom – we are not a nude family. Really.
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Anonymous said...

Been meaning to ask--How does your naked husband weigh in on the grammatical correctness of "April Fool's Day?" April's Fool's Day? Fool Day? Fools' Day? [Okay, gotta quit writing because 'Fool' no longer looks like a word to me.]

What does Babycakes say?

Alice said...

(Babycake's guest response)

First, Babycakes weighs in pretty heavily on many topics that are just wrong but this one does not get him as raging enough to turn him into the Hulk. We all know that the last option is the correct one but Babycakes is willing to accept the printing of the first one (Auditorywise they are the same unless you are the Bionic woman and can actually hear where the apostrophe is being placed)

Your second option gives the impression that there is a May Fool and an even more dastardly August Fool. I do not know about his lesser-known siblings but then again I do not know everything.

The third implies that we are celebrating the fool instead of what he stands for: The thrill and joy we can all achieve when we place Saran Wrap over the opening on the toilet and listen when our housemates take their middle of the night visit the seat of ease.

Ah, the sweet sound of screaming.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarification. And incidentally, I think I can prove the existence of the August Fool. It seems I courted and married him.

gadragonfly said...

or she is writing this blog.

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