Monday, April 21, 2008

My First Meme - Groan If You Want To

I was going to write about painting, but the fumes have smacked me upside the head and given me a nosebleed. I'm gonna go the easier, less think-y route since Gizmorox has tagged me with the "5 Sites You Like" meme. I realize some folks piss & moan about these but I'm secretly thrilled since it's my first one. Most of the sites I really like are already listed on the sidebar but here are a few others I hit:

1. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - geeky stuff to try out - the kids and I highly recommend the Bristlebots. OK..ours may have looked more like epileptic mayflys but they were mighty cool.

2. Awful Plastic Surgery - Look people - I love the National Enquirer. I love making fun of people. With this site - I can do both.

3. The Rasterbator - not what it sounds like. Take a picture and turn it into BIG art!

4. Analysis of Kent Hovind - Young Earth Creationists are a personal pet peeve so I get a kick out of this site and all the crazy wackiness that comes out of this guy's mouth!

5. Las Vegas on 25 Cents A Day - If you like Vegas like I like Vegas, then this is the site for you! Click on the "Trip Reports" and you'll read some of the funniest stuff you've ever seen. I'll personally recommend this one - 4 days / 40 bucks.

Meme rules:

1. Must be clean, no R rated material.
2. Tell 5 people.
3. Only 5 links allowed.
4. Link back to person who tagged you.You can link to business, favorite, affiliate sites, etc.

I guess the only person I know who might be up for this is Robin (tag) but that hosebag is overseas and eating pastries so send her some Cialis spam until she gets back.


Robin (Bumblebee) said...


I run a high-class blog. I can't be posting the low-life sites that I visit!

Heading home tomorrow. I miss my guys and little dogs. Ben has emailed to warn me the lawn looks like crap since the two of them tried to mow it. Oh goodie.

(I might do this meme by the way.)

Robin at Bumblebee

Jenn Thorson said...

Oh, Alice, I'm sorry I memed you a second time seeing as you were memed once already this week. I'd checked in with you at the end of last week, apparently, pre-recent-memeage.

No need to implement Meme 2, the sequel! I give you a Get Out Of Meme Free card. :)

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