Thursday, April 3, 2008

Maryland Ho!

This morning, while serving up some bacon & waffles, Babycakes scanned the business section of the… BWAHAHAHHA… can… not… even… jokingly… write… such… untruths.

This morning, while I drank coffee in front of the computer and barked out commands (because I can multi-task like that), Babycakes asked if I knew about the “State Sweet” they were trying to pass in Annapolis.

Me: “Is it a 1 lb. Buttercream Easter Egg?”

Apparently, Maryland (the go-to state for crab) is really more in touch with their sweet tooth and wants to make the Smith Island 10-Layer Cake its Official State Dessert. Here’s a picture of the beast:

Yes Ma’am. 10 layers with frosting between every one (unless you’re the loser from the Eastern Shore who’s chopping up candy to sprinkle between layers and pissing people off). I’m learning that Marylander’s just try pack in as much sugar as possible and
may as well just make a 5 lb. bag of Dixie Crystals the state dessert.

My favorite line in this article was, “Like the kale vs. cabbage debate that rages in Southern Maryland among stuffed ham cooks…” My side…it hurts…..

The paper also made mention of the State CAT! Yes! The calico is the State Cat of Maryland. Sleuthing Kathy hooked me up with this website that gives the low-down on the TWENTY-ONE state symbols that Maryland is sporting. The calico made Maryland books by virtue of its coloring - orange, black and white…like the oriole (State Bird) and the Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly (State Insect). Here is the State Sneaker:

And the State Hockey Team is actually from Philly:

And the State Vegetable:

Maryland’s State Drink is milk. Using my super-sleuthing Google abilities which amount to stopping at the first site that contains some/any info on the topic, I found that Maryland ranks 28th in milk production by state. Come on Maryland…jeez…try a little…

I’m going to admit that after reading about the State Crustacean, Fossil Shell, Boat and Dance, that when I spotted “Seal” my first thought was something with flippers and a ball. I don’t know if you will be as disappointed as I was to see this:

And just when I thought Maryland had made the jump into uber-coolness - to be the ONLY state with a State Seal!


Humor-Blogs is the State Website of Maryland.


Ban and Geri said...

Ah I am so glad to find another Marylander with a keen sense of humor kudos to you. If you were inquisitive about what this reader now does kindly check out this link. No Joke it is I.

Ben and Geri said...
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Anonymous said...

OH gosh...that is hilarious. A state shoe? For real? I have to check this out for Pa now.

VE said...

What happened to that Bohemian beer guys other eye? Why would they use a one-eyed man? Weird

Alice said...

b&g - thanks!

Sorry boon - the shoe was me joking.

ve - I haven't the foggiest idea as to why Natty Boh's got one eye.

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