Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Book Reports

BoyChild came home with yet ANOTHER report to do in the first grade. This is a report on a famous American. So BoyChild, which famous American would you like work on?

BoyChild: Wilma

Me: Who? Fred Flintstone’s wife?

BoyChild: No…..Wilma

(I scan my brain to think of anyone famous named Wilma. I’m amazed that I am able to pull the name Wilma Rudolph out of my ass since I’m not exactly sure why she’s famous.)

Me: Wilma Rudolph?

BoyChild: Yeah…her….

I can only assume they’ve been talking about her in school because there’s no way he picked up on that name at home. And so we’ve started the Wilma Rudolph report and I’ll fill you in because I’m guessing that at least 97% of you don’t know why she’s famous either. She overcame a tough early childhood with polio to become the first American woman to win 3 gold medals in track and field events at the 1960 Rome Summer Olympics.

Another little known fact, Wilma Rudolph was green.

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damon said...

Wilma Flintstone is sooo hot.
I remember 1st grade being all about eatin paste. These kids are too damn smart.

(I did know who Wilma Rudolph was though. Bonus points awarded!)

gadragonfly said...

I'm glad to hear that my 6 year old nephew is smarter than me. Hopefully he will make millions & support his parents & aunty in their old age.
Didn't have a clue who that Wilma was. Did know Wilma Flintstone though. You should have totally done the report on that. I'm sure the teacher would've had a good laugh.

Alice said...

Damon - you actually do get bonus points for that!

D - he wouldn't budge from Wilma R. - I just want him to earn enough for a pool w/ pool boy.

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